Rural Telehospitalist Health Care

We are Kansas-trained and Kansas-licensed physicians committed to improving physician access and patient outcomes across our state and other rural states.  

Telemedicine is our tool to give rural community patients and independent community hospitals reliable access to health care. 

Immediate Local Community Access To Fully Credentialed Physicians Matters

In many situations, the physician expertise needed to provide care is more commonly located in urban areas.

We started Sunflower Telemedicine to:

  • Increase physician access to smaller rural communities and critical access hospitals.
  • Deliver expert health care to patients in their local community hospitals.
  • Empower rural, independent community hospitals by expanding physician coverage, retaining more local patients, and decreasing unnecessary transfers to other facilities.
  • Support and provide relief for on-site nurse practitioners and physician assistants in supervisory roles (and beyond).  

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