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Sunflower Telemedicine LLC provides nocturnist services.  Typically, we begin our coverage at 7 pm in the evening and turn the service back over at 7am the following morning.  During this 12-hour period of time we work with the Emergency Department by admitting patients.  We work with nursing in covering patients already in the hospital.  We work with referring facilities to arrange direct admissions. 

This service benefits the onsite providers by allowing uninterrupted sleep.  The on-site providers are more refreshed and are better able to more efficiently manage the service the following day.  The nursing personnel benefit in having providers who are dedicated to being awake during this night time period.  They have direct and immediate access to physician care.

The ability of a facility to provide this nocturnist coverage has the proven advantage of retaining nursing personnel.  (Better job satisfaction).  This service can improve retention of current on-site providers (Improved job satisfaction, improved quality of life).  Finally this service has the potential to improve the ability of a facilities to recruit future providers into the community by relieving them of night time duties. 

We realize each hospital and community has different needs and various forms of medical care infrastructure in place and one size does not necessarily fit all situations.  Therefore, we have had the opportunity to develop several variations of our telemedicine service to fit the individual needs of our clients.  Having the flexibility to adapt to a particular situation on a case by case basis, we have seen significant success in all the variations of our telemedicine model we have employed.   

There are multiple examples of nursing satisfaction and provider satisfaction that can be provided upon request.

Our Services

Locum tenens coverage

Sunflower Telemedicine has the capability to support critical access hospitals for those brief periods of time when they are without provider coverage.  Ideally this period of time is less than 2 weeks in duration but is open to discussion.  We have the capability to back up the mid-level providers on a 24/7 basis.  During this time we can participate in Emergency Department, Inpatient coverage, Swing or Skilled bed coverage and Clinic coverage. We have the capacity to assist with all ages of patient’s. With support from KaMMCO our company can provide this service telephonically without remote access coverage.  (Robot).  The overall benefit of this service is to give the local provider the opportunity to take a break from providing 24/7 coverage. Additionally, when emergencies arrive we are positioned and scheduled to immediately provide assistance.  This service would have the potential of improving the quality of life and retention of local providers.  We have already participated with providers across the state and can give references as needed.